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10 Ways to make your design more beautiful and livable by a Miami residential architect

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

This is a remodeled condo by United Architects
Do you like this remodeling? Read about what you can do to make your home more beautiful.

Architects can make your general design work and space flow from one area to another, but without great details the space can appear stark. What makes a design really come to life are the details.

The famous architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, used to say, “God is in the details”. This is so true. Without details we would be left with just empty warehouse-like spaces.

So, today, let me, a Miami residential architect, go over with you certain things which will help your design:

1. Contrast – This could be contrast of materials or colors. Notice in this photo that the flooring in this apartment changes from slate to wood. The chair in the distance is yellow, but the pillows beyond are teal. Notice the little detail of the recessed black toe space underneath the colorful tile island. This makes the tile pop out more. Notice how the dining table chairs are white, but the bar stool chairs are black.

2. Small details – Look at the sides of the cabinet. Here the tile from the kitchen backsplash is also used on the sides of the island.

3. Use of neutral colors – The kitchen cabinets are a glossy white and the walls are painted white. White makes the space look bigger and acts as a great backdrop to wonderful, colorful details.

4. Repetitive wall decorations and color – Notice how the plates on the walls have the same blue color found in the tiles. The plates do not occur just in one place but are repeated on different walls to bring the design together.

5. Vary the heights in a continuous space – Here there are two different heights. One is the general height of the apartment, but the height in the kitchen is lower to allow for the installation of recessed lights.

6. Place something attractive on a countertop – Here the kitchen island could be empty, but instead we find a tray with very colorful fruit to add life.

7. Change textures – Look at the throw that is hung below the plate in the distance. Instead of the hard surface of the plate or the drywall surface of the wall, we have the soft texture of the throw for contrast.

8. Use lighting for accents – Under cabinet lights in the kitchen highlight the tile backsplash.

9. Natural lighting – Whenever possible bring natural lighting into the space. Nothing will make a space feel more alive than natural lighting. The teal pillows would not look as bright or as colorful, if the place did not have natural light.

10. Continuity – Although this space has many contrasting items, it also has continuity. Blue is the element of continuity. It is found in the tiles, in the plates on the wall, in the throw on the wall, and in the pillows beyond.

I hope this help you with the next place you want to redesign. If you are thinking of redesigning your house or office, call me, Maria Luisa, at 305-439-7898.


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