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Maria Luisa Castellanos is a Florida Licensed Architect and Realtor


Call 305-552-5465, If you have a question or would like to discuss land acquisition for your future project.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.



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Miami is indeed the Magic City.  It's called “magic” because of its rapid growth, fabulous weather, incredible beaches, and breathtaking views.  Every day that passes more people want to make Miami their home.  That's why investing in Miami makes so much sense, whether you are from out-of-town or you have lived here for 40 years.  Miami real estate prices are again on an upswing but still very reasonable, so the time to invest is now!


Miami is not without its complexities.  Read the article below on why an realtor-architect is an asset when buying investment real estate.

Why architects make the best real estate agents for buying income-producing properties

Most people approach buying an investment property all wrong.  Whether the property is a commercial building, an apartment building, or a single-family house, most people just settle for a real estate agent that knows the minimum.


There are many realtors in Miami, but most have absolutely no knowledge of zoning or building. What the majority of realtors can offer you is an uneducated opinion, or at best, delay the process by finding you someone to talk to because they themselves don’t have the answers. Here’s why an experienced realtor-architect makes the best choice for an investment or commercial property purchase.

An architect, who by training is knowledgeable in both areas, will be a very valuable asset in the buying process. Architects can help you analyze a piece of land for specific attributes and available infrastructure. They can help you with zoning issues and find you real engineers to look at the structure, and the mechanical and electrical systems.

Case study

In a recent transaction, I was approached by an investor who wanted to buy a single-family home that he could divide into a duplex as an investment property. He had just read my article on the Miami-Dade County Workforce Housing Program which allows you to do just that. However, in the area where he wanted to purchase a property, this program, which was a county program and not a City of Miami program, did not apply. Nevertheless, I was able to help him buy a property in the City of Miami where he could convert a single-family house into a duplex.

The house in question was at the time a single-family residence. However, I gave him the following ideas for remodeling his investment: He could convert the house into a duplex simply by adding a partition, converting the laundry room into a both a small bathroom and a smaller laundry room, and a door facing to the outside from the laundry room, so that both tenants could use it. The duplex would be completely legal, unlike so many properties in Miami which are outside the law. Now, he’ll be able to gain considerable income from the property, and later, he can sell it to buy a larger investment property at a handsome profit.


Are you ready to invest in an income-producing property?

If you are in the market to invest in a new building, or you’re thinking of buying land to build a new investment property, then this is the time to look for someone who is knowledgeable enough to guide you through the process with a real background in construction.

When looking at a potential structure, do you know if the design of a house or building is efficient or is unlikely to age well? Can you remove those interior partitions? Do you have enough space in the electrical room or enough electrical service for future remodeling or additions?  Will you have enough space for more A/C units in the mechanical room?

You are welcome to ask these questions of a conventional real estate agent and they will be happy to tell you what they think, but you are soliciting an opinion from someone who is unlikely to have the required expertise. The agent’s inability to reduce construction-related risk is a substantial deficit in an expensive purchase for a commercial building you may want to leave to your children or grandchildren, or that you are counting on to produce income during your retirement.

The benefits of a realtor-architect


For starters, a realtor who is also also an architect can help you increase the value of your investment property by bringing more knowledge to the table. A realtor-architect can help you ask and answer important questions like: Will the building be easy to remodel?  Is there enough space for more building and more parking?  Will an inspection company – many of which you cannot even hold liable for mistakes – be adequate for your purposes?

Here are eight more reasons to hire a realtor-architect when buying a commercial property as an investment:


  • You want somebody who has knowledge of zoning of Miami and the surrounding areas.

  • You want somebody who cannot only help you buy the property but also help you build it out or remodel it to make it a more livable property which will command higher rents.

  • By hiring a realtor who is also an architect, you will be able to assess the condition of an existing building prior to buying it, making sure you have the right zoning.

  • This commercial building will be earning money for you through your retirement. Later, you can leave it to your children and grandchildren. Don’t you want to get someone who can make the best assessment of the building?

  • You want somebody who can help you understand how much work will go into bringing your ideas to fruition.

  • Having an architect-agent who can spot problems in the beginning can help you in the negotiation process because an architect can determine if the problem is easy to fix or not.

  • An architect-agent may be able to give you advise on how to add value to a property from an aesthetic perspective.

  • By buying, remodeling, or building new, you can create a beautiful building or house. This income-producing property will increase in value and you will be proud to leave it to your heirs.

  • If you don’t hire a realtor-architect for the purchase of your next commercial building of land, what will be the consequences? How are you going to feel if the property you spend a lot of time negotiating really has the wrong zoning for what you want.  Or what if the real estate agent tells you that the T6-8 Zoning for a particular property in the City of Miami allows you to build 8 stories when the property is only 50’ x 100’ and there is no way to put in parking for an 8-story building, and therefore, you might only get only a one-story,  two-story, or three-story building instead?


As both an architect and a realtor with Hudson Capital Realty, I’m uniquely qualified to help you find the right property by becoming your buyer-agent and help you remodel it, build it out, or add to it as your architect.  . So, call me, Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., LEED AP, at 305-439-7898 or email me at

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