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Maria Luisa Castellanos is a Florida Licensed Architect and Realtor


Call 305-552-5465, If you have a question or would like to discuss land acquisition for your future project.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.



Miami is indeed the Magic City.  It's called “magic” because of its rapid growth, fabulous weather, incredible beaches, and breathtaking views.  Every day that passes more people want to make Miami their home.  That's why investing in Miami makes so much sense, whether you are from out-of-town or you have lived here for 40 years.  Miami real estate prices are again on an upswing but still very reasonable, so the time to invest is now!

Miami is not without its complexities.  We have multiple municipalities within Miami-Dade County and each one has its very own zoning regulations which are completely different from the county or the city next door.  So if you want to buy or build investment properties how do you determine the applicable zoning ordinances which tell you what and how you can build?  Maybe you want to know whether the building or house you want to purchase has already used the maximum allowable square footage on the lot.  Does it have the best zoning for what you want to build?  There are numerous issues to consider.  Does it have sewer available or does it have a septic tank?

Doesn’t it make sense to team up with someone who understands architecture, construction and the market trends in real estate?  Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., LEED AP, a Realtor with Hudson Capital Realty, is the perfect combination to compliment your development team.  She can help you look at the myriad of zoning and construction issues that you need to consider before buying a property.  Instead of trying to figure out zoning on your own, she can make it easy for you to evaluate the different factors which can affect the property's price or the ability to maximize the profitability of the site.

Give Maria Luisa a call so you can understand her knowledge and experience in handling complex real estate transactions! 

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Call my cell at 305-439-7898 or Email MLC@UnitedArchs.com to discuss your exciting project idea or land acquisition.


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