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Project 2


The client bought this condominium because he loved the view of Miami Beach and the ocean.  However, the apartment had many flaws - the kitchen was in a remote corner and it was very dated.  

Having a kitchen in a corner of the unit makes entertaining difficult for a host who loves to cook.   So in the "After" photo of the floor plan, you can see that the kitchen is relocated to the center of the apartment where it becomes a central part of any potential activity.  

The client also did not want so much closet space.  Having two large walk-in closets was too much for him to use, when this was going to be a second home for him.  So the architects were able to relocation the kitchen and reduce the size of the walk-in closets, to get a second bedroom or den.  

Again, as a single man, he did not feel he needed two bathrooms, so the second bathroom was converted to a powder room allowing for a better view of the city from the living room.


As Miami architects we tried to take advantage of the wonderful views of Miami beach and give him the best possible layout for the apartment with usability and style in mind.

The client is very happy with the new layout and with the look of the new apartment.

Photos of Living Room and Dining Room Above by Photographer Nuurs Ortiz


Several views of the remodeled apartment interiors by United Architects


One day a former client for whom we had redesigned the house on Miami Beach which had been featured on HGTV called us.  She knew that we were very good residential architects, so she recommended us to one of her real estate clients who had just bought a condominium from her.

When we first came to the 900 square-foot condominium, we went over the requirements with the client.  He hated the fact that the kitchen was in a remote corner of the apartment with no views of the city at all.  It was dark and enclosed.

He also thought that the master bathroom was too small.  Yet, there was a mammoth amount of walk-in closet space.  Since this was going to be his vacation home, he would not need so much storage space.

We took measurements of the entire condo.  Then, we went to work reconfiguring space.  The plumbing walls and the structure of a condominium unit are generally immovable.  And it was so in this case.  So, we had to work around these issues.

The client thought it was acceptable to reduce the size of his bedroom to create a larger master bathroom.  So, we moved the wall between the master bedroom and bath to make the bath larger.

With the leftover space we had from the over-sized closets, the large utility room, and the kitchen, we were able to create a 2nd bedroom or den area with its own closet as well.

The client brought the ceramic tile from the Netherlands and we used them on the kitchen island and backsplash, as you can see in the photos.

During the construction there was only one hitch.  There was a telephone cable running inside a partition and through the floor slab.  Fortunately, the contractor was able to divert this cable so that we could have the floor plan that we had designed for the client.

The client was very happy with the results. 

If you want to read more about condo remodeling, click here to the article called "Are you sure you want to buy that condo?"

Two views of the bathroom and the bedroom
Before and After floor plans of a remodeled apartment in Miami Beach

If you would like your condominium redesigned, call Maria Luisa Castellanos, the principal of the firm, on her cell at 305-439-7898, or email at

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