Read about the 10-Point Project Management Checklist below:


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  1. Zoning information is confirmed at least twice in the preliminary design of the building, preferably by visiting the Zoning Department of the appropriate municipality in person.

  2. MEP engineer to check location of water and sewer connections:  This avoids finding that the underground pipes are going to go through the footings after the project has started construction.

  3. Architectural project manager reviews with MEP engineer all beams to making sure that no beams are crossing mechanical ducts and piping.

  4. Architectural project manager makes sure that all commercial buildings comply with ADA, UFAS or Fair Housing depending on the applicable code.  All doors must have the right distance from the jambs to the perpendicular walls, all thresholds must be less than 1/2” in height, and that all required clearances in front of doors are provided.

  5. The first sheet of the architectural drawings of a commercial building describes the Type of Construction which is being used (per Florida Building Code), how many stories, and the Occupancy Type.   All the fire walls are to be detailed for the type of construction and the UL number must be stated in the details.

  6. All roof flashing conditions must be properly detailed.

  7. Architectural, MEP, structural and civil backgrounds must all match.

  8. Required spot elevations are shown on the drawings.

  9. Architectural project manager reviews all sections to make sure they match the structural sections, that all architectural dimensions match the structural dimensions.

  10. If possible, have the design team meet with the general contractor and his subs discuss the             plans prior to submitting the plans to the building department.


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