Zoning Studies in Miami and Miami-Dade County

A site plan drawing by United Architects

Many times prior to buying a property, a potential buyer needs to find out the zoning classification and probable construction area which a site can develop legally. 

Miami-Dade County is very confusing in that there are so many municipalities within the county.  Each one has its own zoning code with its own regulations.  How do you make sense of it all?

United Architects can study a site for you to determine whether the property you are considering can be used for the purposes you have in mind.
Then, what about a site you want to purchase which does not comply with the present zoning?  Often we can tell you right away whether there is a chance to re-zone it or get a variance.  Or we can make a few simple phone calls to the zoning officials and get an answer.

But what about when a variance or a zoning change is required?

Each municipality has a different process.  Is it necessary to hire a zoning attorney?  Sometimes the answer is “Yes”, but often, the answer is “No”.  As long as what you are intending to build is very similar to the required zoning classification, there is no need to hire a zoning attorney.  Many times as long as what you want to build is not so different as what the county or municipality envisioned, an architect can handle the entire process for you. 

We at United Architects understand the process of zoning, we can prepare the required documentation and drawings, we can talk to the zoning officials, and get as much information as possible to prepare you to apply for a variance or zoning change.

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