Project 11


The City of Miramar was giving away Federal grant funds for upgrading ware houses in this area of Miramar.   The client who came to us was familiar with a program and wanted to update his existing warehouses in the city.  The concern of the city was not only the facade but also upgrading the landscaping and parking areas.

The project we designed for him gave him a fresher, more updated facade, with movement and color variations.  The parking was upgraded and new landscaping provided.

Some of the most expensive elements, such as the doors and windows were preserved in their existing locations.  The city was very involved in the way they wanted the buildings upgraded.  Because of this, United Architects worked with the consultant the City of Miramar had hired to design the a facade which was acceptable to both the clients as well as the city.  The design for this commercial building makes the building look much cleaner and much more presentable. 

In this second warehouse remodeling project, the eyeglass distributor wanted to keep some of the basis elements of the building, such as the garage doors and entrance doors, while changing the look of the building.

The City of Miramar was concerned not only with the facade but also the parking and landscaping.  In this design, the parking lot was reconfigured and updated, handicap spaces were added as well as accessible walks to the building entrance.  Landscaping was added around the building and in the parking area 

United Architects worked directly with the City of Miramar design consultant on this existing commercial building to come up with a design that was acceptable to both the city and the clients.  The result was a more beautiful and clean-looking commercial building.

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