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How about adding to the front of your apartment building?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This is a building in Vienna where they added to the front of the building to remodel it.
Have you thought of adding to the front of your building?

I just came back from Vienna, Austria, and among the many museums I toured was the Architectural Museum. There I saw the wonderful Succession (Art Nouveau) work of Otto Wagner and I saw interesting work by people who are trying out different things. For example, there was a project where the architect took an old apartment building with no balconies and added an entire terrace in front of the old building on each floor, making it more human, more usable and more comfortable for the existing residents, and at the same time adding space for the residents which changing the front façade.

This is the kind of thinking we need in Miami. I have never heard of this concept before, where an entire mid-rise apartment building increased the footprint of the building, by adding substantial square footage to the front of the building.

What an interesting concept! How creative! And what a beautiful addition to existing space.

This is the building under construction

This kind of addition is helpful to freshen the look of the building on the front and at the same time add additional square footage to a living unit.

If you think this type of addition is something you are willing to do to your tired old building or to a old building you want to buy, call me at 305-439-7898. I can help you purchase it as well as re-design it.


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