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Does your space work for you?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This is a drafted plan of what you can do by United Architects
How can you adapt your home to create an office?

In these times many employees have been asked to work from home. If you look at the new, funny ad from Apple, sometimes this is not easy between the kids and the lack of adequate space.

I cannot help you with child care or keeping your kids in control, but I did come up with an idea. If you have a garage or other room that can be converted, you can create a relatively quite or private space by removing part of a wall and putting in a couple of pockets doors.

In the design shown, we converted the former garage into an alcove of the living room. This provides some privacy, but at the same time, it is not completely disconnected from the living area of the house.

Now that you have spent substantial time in your house, maybe this is the time for you to remodel and come up with better solutions to your living space. Call me to discuss. Call me anytime on my cell phone at 305-439-7898.

Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., LEED AP President


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