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New Trends in Laundry/ Utility Rooms

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Laundry Room/ Work Area/ Utility Room Sample

One of the trends in home design is a larger Laundry/Utility Room. Instead of just a place for the washer and dryer, it is becoming a place to have a work desk, to store cookbooks and other items for hobbies, and to store the kiddie litter for the family cat. As shown above, this room right off the kitchen and family room is a more flexible area and becomes a more enjoyable room to work.

With plenty of natural light for clarity, and pocket doors to hide the room when company comes to visit, the room offers additional storage space as well as comfortable work space for ironing, folding clothes, paying bills, and even choosing recipes for meals.

Undoubtedly, a room like this in a new house will go a long way toward organizing a family and keep things in order.

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