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Project 6

House remodeling on Miami Beach by United Architects featured on HGTV


The owners bought the house in Miami Beach with the intention of remodeling it.  It really was in tear down condition.  United Architects, contemporary residential architects in Miami, came up with this design that turned an old bungalow into a new, very livable home. Part of the house had been built without a permit and the walls were cracking.  That part of the house had to be demolished and then re-built in a slightly different way.  Also, a new addition was added to the front of the house and the entrance completely reconfigured with new beams forming a trellis at the entrance.

​The original house had a very awkward design.  The kitchen was in a remote area of the house, far away from the pool.  The two bathrooms were very small.  There was much wasted space. 

The first problem we dealt with was the kitchen.  The logical place to put the kitchen and family room was near the pool.  So, we moved the kitchen next to the family room, between the living room and family room.  This was a much more logical location.  Then, the former kitchen was converted into an additional bedroom and allowed for a more expansive Master Bath and 2nd bathroom.

The Florida room had the feeling of a hallway, and it was being used for storage.  We took that room and part of the land in front of the house and created a 5th bedroom.  Attached to that new bedroom, we added a foyer and a hallway.  With this addition, we completely changed the entry and the look to the house.  We took a dumpy house and converted it to a modern residence. 


The final design included almost 2,500 square feet on one of the islands of Miami Beach.  The roof top terrace allows the family to look at Biscayne Bay while not having a waterfront project.  Being interested in sustainable design, bamboo was used for the new flooring.  The completed project has a very nice flow throughout all the public areas of the house.  The clients were very happy with the final product.

If you have a need for a complete remodeling to your house, please call the principal of the firm, Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., LEED AP, at 305-439-7898.  Or you can come visit us at our Coral Gables office.  Just call first for an appointment.


This is the "after" floor plan and photos of interiors


"Before" floor plan and interior photos

If you would like your house redesigned, call Maria Luisa Castellanos, the principal of the firm, on her cell at 305-439-7898, or email at

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