Project 05

New offices for a Miami-Dade County department in the Transit Center North Building

When the county had this department in another building, they were spending money on rent to a private individual. 

Half of this floor had been vacated and they were able to move their people to this building owned by the county.  You can see the photos after the remodeling above and below.  The partitions use a pre-fabricated system that is easy for the county to install and remove.  Using this system was one of the requirements for the project.

The system uses several different modules and can be easily adapted for different size offices and configurations.

In addition to the private and semi-private or communal offices, the department has its own hearing room to hear cases that are brought to this department.

Except for a few private spaces, the partitions do not go all the way to the ceiling.  This made the lighting grid easy to re-use from the previous occupant.  A few exit lights and luminaries did have to be added or relocated. 

The light color scheme allowed for a relaxed working atmosphere within these county offices.

And lastly, controlled entrances required card readers to read the cards assigned to employees for entry.

Lobby of Offices above and below

Below are two views of the hearing room exclusively for this department of Miami-Dade County Government

Below are one of the secretarial cubicles and a conference room

Miami-Dade County Office Cubicle
Conference Room

Below are two of the hallways which give an idea of the size of the office space

Miami-Dade County Office Private Corridor
Miami-Dade County Office Hallway

Photos by Nuurs Ortiz