Project 03


Sunset West Shopping Center dates from the 1950's.  It had become dated with mansard roofs which have not been seen in Miami since the 1970's. The owners wanted to update the building but not spend too much money.  The original structure had exposed steel columns.  They wanted to use a metal roof.  My solution entailed wrapping the existing steel columns with pre-fabricated cast stone columns.  Instead of the typical metal roof, we used the one with exposed fasteners, giving the roof a little more interest.  The colors were muted but added interest. 

The owners were extremely happy with the results.

See the "Before" photos below:

"Before" photos of the Sunset West Shopping Center before remodeling by United Architects
"Before" photo of the corner of the shopping center before remodeling
"Before" photo of shopping center before remodeling by United Architects