Project 04


The owners of this store were French nationals from Paris, really lovely people.  They came to us just when Bayside Marketplace was going to open.  According to their contract with the Rouse Company, they had to open the store within two months.  Fortunately for them, we were organized to do design-build at that time.  We were able to come up with a design  they liked within a month and get it approved by the landlord and get it built in time for opening day.  It was challenging but the owners loved the store.  Another bonus was that it became such a popular store that it sold every expensive, Italian or French import in the store within the month.

As far as the design of the store, this client wanted a slick modern design to show off the stock of high end French and Italian men's clothing line.

We gave him very modern cabinetry all done in two colors - glossy black and silver.  The cabinetry had a mix of hanging space, and area for folded shirts, and a display area below a glass shelf.

The monochromatic cabinetry acted as a backdrop to the colorful clothes.  The store space was clearly organized and easy for customers to navigate.   The design made it easy for the client to find what he wanted and buy it.

Other view of Declic Clothing Store at Bayside Marketplace by United Architects