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Do we want tourists to see this – the entrance to Downtown Miami Government Center and Metrorail?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This is the horrible east entrance to the Downtown Government Center Transit Station
How horrible can this entrance be?

The approach to the downtown Government Center Metrorail and Metromover Station looks like this as we approach from the east. It is the first thing that a visitor sees if they are walking from Bayside, a very nice tourist shopping area.

So, what could we do? We can do what other cities have done. They can take out that horrible short street and create an urban park. They could do a lovely entrance to Government Center and the Metrorail Station.

It’s been like this for years, yet nobody has thought to do anything to improve these conditions. Every time I have to go to Government Center and park on the east side of the building, this is what I see. Should anyone really have to see these conditions? Doesn’t anyone in government care about how the city looks to visitors and residents alike? This is an abomination that needs to be cleaned up.

The county approved a new courthouse by Plenary Justice for which it "expects to pay $852.2 million over 30 years, beginning with a first-year payment of $25.4 million coming once construction is done" according to Miami Today.

It wasn’t something the county residents wanted. Miami Today said, “Voters in November 2014 rejected issuing $390 million in bonds for the new courthouse.”

How about a couple of millions for getting this unsightly urban space made into something beautiful and useful for the public? How about it, commissioners, can we count on you to create an urban space that will welcome visitors to the city?


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