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Will online shopping kill brick-and-mortar stores?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Photo of the beautiful, upscale Merrick Park in Coral Gables, Florida
Will brick and mortar shopping centers like this one disappear?

A lot has been said about online shopping vs. shopping at brick and mortar stores. Many people think that physical stores are on their way out. But are they?

Recently, I needed to buy a universal plug to use in Europe while I was visiting there. And, I didn’t have the time to wait from Amazon or Target to mail it to me. I needed it now! So thank God for trusty old Office Depot/Max. They had it at a reasonable price and I was able to get it immediately. In my book, nothing beats now.

What else will make someone go to a mall or shop in a store? Well, the experience, of course. I can watch an endless number of movies on Netflix or Hulu, but I still love to go to the movies. I love to go out to dinner at nice restaurants. I love to walk around Merrick Park and see the beautiful views on a lovely, sunny Miami day!

This is one of the escalators at Merrick Park in Coral Gables
Escalator at Merrick Park, Coral Gables

In a recent newsletter written by the author states “a vice president with Regency Centers, which owns Mellody Farm, told the Chicago Tribune that little things like the décor and other modern touches offer visitors” and especially millennials, “what he calls ‘Instagrammable moments’ that can be shared with their social media friends.”

Yes, I can walk around Merrick Park in Coral Gables, which I did just last week, take great photos, and then post them to Facebook.

So if you have a retail space you want to upgrade and make the décor and architecture be the main attraction, call or text me, Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., at 305-439-7898.

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