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Using Miami Area Zoning Codes

City of Miami Zoning Atlas from

Often investors and Realtors don’t understand how zoning codes work, so this is a primer.

Most of the zoning codes in the Miami area are based on mathematical equations, except for the City of Miami. The City of Miami Zoning Code is a form-based code. This means they are trying to achieve a look to the city.

With most mathematical codes the larger the lot one will build on, the larger the building which

will result. This is not necessarily true with the City of Miami Code. It tries to give the same height to all buildings in the same area. Unfortunately, this does not always result because of the parking issue.

Most codes require a certain amount of parking, whether it be the Miami code, the unincorporated Miami-Dade County code, or any of the many municipalities in the Greater Miami area. And in most cases the amount of building which can be built is directly related to the amount of parking which can be included. There are exceptions to this in Little Havana, where small buildings can be built which do not require parking and there are other exemptions where the buildings are very near to transit stations. But most of the time, the amount of parking which can be included in a project is directly related to how square footage can be built.

Here is a link to using the City of Miami Zoning Code:

Here are the different zoning districts for unincorporated Miami-Dade County:

Here is the information for the City of Miami Beach Zoning:

This link is for the City of Coral Gables Zoning Code:

There are other munipalities, but these are probably the major ones.

Prior to determining the zoning for a particular parcel, one may need to go to the Property Appraiser’s website and insert the property address in the “Property Search” button. Unfortunately, for City of Miami properties, they often show the old zoning classification. In that case, go to this City of Miami Zoning Atlas:

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