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Commercial & Institutional Projects

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Commercial Projects

Your business is growing by leaps and bounds, you need to expand your building and you need an architect! Home grown Miami architects, United Architects, Inc., are experts in remodeling and adding to existing commercial and institutional buildings in Miami-Dade County and South Florida.
Why should you hire us?

Our expertise, track record, listening and communication skills. And our first consultation with the owner of the property is always free. United Architects, architects in Miami, have been providing residential, commercial and institutional architectural solutions for over 25 years. We bring your build’s vision to life and represent you every step of the way, from initial design to the permitting process, to final close-out.

We also take time to educate our clients in the design and construction process.  We get your plans through the permitting process quickly and cut through red tape fast!  This means that you can move into your new building or addition sooner rather than later, which is good for your bottom line.

Consult trusted Miami architects with local expertise.

We listen to our clients and transform their needs into creative, cost effective solutions.  Our process involves several one-on-one meetings with ample opportunity for dialogue with the principal of the firm, Maria Luisa Castellanos, R.A., LEED AP.   Our first consultation is always free with the owner of the property.

Free Articles About Commercial Construction

Do you want to read about the process?  Read a free article about the process of building a commercial building here.  No login is required.

You can read about the phases of the project, what you should look for prior to buying the site, and other important information.

More free articles about commercial construction here.

And if you want us to help you decide on a commercial site for a new building, you can read about the real estate services provided by Maria Luisa Castellanos, architect and realtor, here.


If you want to discuss your commercial project, please call Maria Luisa Castellanos, the principal of the firm on her cell at 305-439-7898.

Call to set up a complimentary initial appointment to discuss your project, if you own the property within Miami-Dade County.

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